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Come and try our delicious, soft and daily baked gluten-free breads. We offer a wide selection of flavours. Dairy-free and nuts-free options are also available.


If you like pies and want a selection of gluten-free flavours, Let’s Eat Guilt-free is the place for you. We offer a wide variety of handmade gluten-free pies.


There is nothing like a sweet treat. Let's Eat Guilt-free makes gluten-free, no sugar added, dairy-free yummy cakes and deserts. Come and check it out !

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Let’s Eat Guilt-Free offers gluten-free baking products without any compromise in taste. We believe that there is no reason why consumers should not both enjoy the pleasure of good eating, while respecting their dietary restrictions, voluntary of not. Our mission is to positively touch people’s lives by offering gluten-free baking products that will both nourish and bring pleasure. You are welcome to visit our store and sample our products. You will love it!


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2 / 5 /201407:18 PM
Fresh made gluten free Nanaimo bars!

Fresh made gluten free Nanaimo bars! $3.00 *contains dairy, eggs and

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2 / 4 /201407:09 PM
Veggie Pies..

VEGAN! Fresh made Veggie Pies  Great snacks!

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2 / 3 /201407:39 PM

From the Labs

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